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Thread: Some thoughts on Deqx and their products

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    Hello folks,

    It's eerie how footprints last forever on the internet. I found this site awhile back in August when I was researching my Dad and his equipment, I planned to come back and inform you of the events of the accident when I was in a better headspace. I apologize in advance if I over share, Iím sipping a dram of Lagavulin 16, typing away on this with my Mac and listening to some Pink Floyd on these gorgeous Westlakes. Honestly things are a little emotional lol. I write this for those of you that knew Ken and called him a friend.

    I suppose I should introduce myself, I'm Ryan, 34 years old and Ken was my father. Me and my partner own a very small a/v & automation company here in Winnipeg, MB. I spent most of the day today with a few of my installers setting up my Dad's amazing Westlake speaker system in one of the empty rooms in my office. It was a difficult experience but also a bit cathartic. As I'm sure most of you know Ken really loved music, and it was a love we both shared. I visited this site again today to add a post about the accident and it was heartwarming to see the messages of support and condolences added to this thread. I didn't know my Dad very well for most of my life (I'm his son from a previous marriage long ago) but about 6 years ago we reconnected, and once he moved back to Canada we became very close.

    For those that would like to know I can say that my Dadís passing was very sudden and without suffering. He was riding out to the lake on his Harley Soft Tail Classic with his girlfriend (soon to be finance) Della. He was at a very happy point in his life. Back home close to family, healthy and in a loving relationship. It was at 11:30am Sunday that he struck the passenger side of an oncoming truck that was turning left off the highway onto a connecting road. The other driver was an 80 year old man and his 68 year old wife, they were both sober and just simply didnít see them. The elderly couple were released from hospital with only minor injuries. I have since forgiven them for the accident as it was simply that, an accident. I feel the spiritual and emotional burden of having taken someones life senselessly is far greater than any anger I could have for them.

    As his friends in this community I felt you all should know some further details, and see that his beloved audio system is in good hands. This equipment will be taken care of, added to when needed and passed down to my family. I should note that Iím nowhere near the audiophile my Dad was, so I may post here from time to time and call on some of you for advice if thats alright lol. I've also got a large amount of hobby audio parts and gear to go thru and don't know alot about it, I would love to get some information on it from those of you that posted below. So please PM me if you're interested in helpin me out

    Iíve attached a photo taken just after setup.

    Take care guys,

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    Boy Ryan, you sure look like your dad!!

    Some months back I spoke with your grandmother and some of your aunts and uncles.

    I left a voice-mail for you at the time on a number given to me by your grandmother but haven't heard back from you. But I'm wasn't even certain I dialled correctly and have been considering trying again.

    Your dad and I had reaquainted after many years and been making some fairly big plans at the time he died.

    My number is listed below. If you are up for a conversation or a coffee, please call me.

    Michael Gillespie.

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    Just saw this thread and about Ken's passing.

    Ran across Ken's posts with a RIP 2014, and found this thread / and post about his accident. Also found info on same in this article:

    And his Obituary:

    I was heartened that Ken was doing better health-wise and had found a new love. I am saddened that both died that day in July.

    RIP Ken, and to all our other brothers who are no longer with us.

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    So sorry to say that I had not read this thread and did not know what happened to Ken Pachkowsky until today. Ryan I am very sorry for your loss. I knew Ken when he lived in the Palm Springs area years ago, before Baja. I met with him several times, as he sold a fair amount of audio for me on ebay. We would unload my car, then chat and listen to his fine system featuring the Westlakes. It was a different pair then, wider than they were tall. Then there was the magnificent day we met up with Ken Haerr (Upland Speaker Service) and drove to Westlake Audio to spend hours with speaker designer Glenn Phoenix. Ken P. had set the whole thing up.

    I had always wondered why Ken had disappeared from the forum. He was sincere, a "truly fevered" audiophile, fun to be around and meticulous in his business dealings. He was a born salesman, he really loved it and excelled, while I have always run the other way. I still have a subwoofer cabinet in my back yard that housed a JBL 18" driver that he delivered to me the last time I saw him.

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    Just reminded of Ken and also Scott both in this thread, and of the 3 years since Ken left us and now 7 years since Scott has been gone too.

    live life to the fullest each day.

    When faced with another JBL find, Good mech986 says , JBL Fan mech986 says

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