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Thread: JBL 4530 Replica

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    JBL 4530 Replica

    I've build some new JBL 4530 replicas for my living room, loaded with Precision Devices PD154 drivers.

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    looks like fun!

    what is your crossover point?

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    Bass/bullets crossover point is 1500hz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.junior View Post
    Bass/bullets crossover point is 1500hz.
    Mmmm... I think that there must be a dip in the freq response at the xover frequency. It is quite low for a bullet (better around 4k) and it is a bit high for a 15 woofer. I guess that polar response is poor at (even below) at xover point. They spec the woofer up to 2k but usable(flat) frequency is more at 400Hz. Anyway they don't offer polar response and don't mention their inductance. But this is a really good woofer on paper.

    My opinion for a two way system with a 15 inches woofer, I would use AE TD-15M, it has a good dispersion up to 1-2KHz and can even go higher while narrowing and has a low Le of .2mH.

    Wich bullet model is it? JBL?

    Nice cabs anyway!

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    Pretty sure I have 2 of these.They are loaded with JBL E155 Speakers and in a 3 way system,with a Crown Macrotech 24x6. Im am using the singe ch of a 2400 (800 watts) to both subs and it just awesome. The band that had them before me had 8!! Used them all at once. I have Perkins mids E 140 loaded and a set of 1 inch horns. I just got a set of 2 " horns but dont know if I should use them or not?The system sounds great now. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Mark

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    Stick em in there !

    If you have the crossover to run it ,do it .

    Run your mid - bass lower and the 1" higher - That 1" is straining to get that low no matter who makes
    it . The whole system will relax ,better paced and more open ..... Try it , if you think its crap pull it , but from my experience . you'll love it


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    Very nice job Junior. I myself bought a pair of used 4530 for home use, just to study them and make my own later. Mine will be running with 2225h drivers though. Complemented by 2235h subs.

    Your throats seem to be taller than mine. There are so many iterations of that design, that I dont even know which blueprints is legit, or if there has been improvement over the years.

    Also, I like the 4520's deeper bass, but not ready for the size (I suspect they use twin drivers because one would not be enough in term of SPL as it goes lower. Basically, I'd run half a 4520. Litterarture lists the 4530 as having a 7 ft line and the 4520 as having 12ft. Almost double. I wonder how JBL did it.

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