Hello everyone, I need some general information, and user experiences IF anyone has on Parasound amps.

Basically, what I am doing is seeking new amps to run all my horns and tweeters, I am also upgrading my sub bass and midbass amps, and I will remain Crown powered for all my woofer needs. Crown amps still rock on low end, but what they offer today, is not exactly what I need on my horns and tweeters. I have been looking at Parasound's amps, they have two lines, HALO, and NEW CLASSIC, the HALO series being my first choice.

These amps are Class A/AB operation, and Class AB, they are available in the power ranges I need/want, and offer rack mount ears, a necessity for me, and basically have all the right things I want in a design. JFET input, MOSFET drivers, and high current bi polar outputs. They are manufactured using quality parts, they feature massive power supplies, with hefty toroidal power transformers and LARGE amounts of filter storage capacitance. Looking inside the amps from photos they provide reveals nicely constructed amps, and according to the manufacturers claims, these amps have the right things.

I don't know how they sound, as I don't know any who use them, but, since I am doing a very comprehensive set of upgrades to my system, with some REALLY phenomenal components and drivers, I have also been looking at changing amps, it is time to retire certain 30 year old units, in favor of NEW and HIGH QUALITY units.

If anyone has any experience with Parasound, I would like to hear what you have to say! Basically, it is the MOSFETS I am after for tweeter and compression driver/horn powering! And anyone that already uses a MOSFET amp on their system, especially horns and tweeters, understands why!

If you just want to look at Parasounds offerings, www.parasound.com.