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Thread: AB SYSTEMS 821 amp 2 x 300 WPC or 1 x 600 WPC bridged

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    AB SYSTEMS 821 amp 2 x 300 WPC or 1 x 600 WPC bridged

    killer amp for use with a sub, in perfect shape. In dual connection mode this amp sums the two inputs; and plays back the summed input across two subs at a minimum of 300 WPC x 2. When bridged to mono; the left channel input is played across the speaker bridges at 600WPC. It makes a heck of a sub amp, and is capable of supplying a 2241 , 2242, or in my case at 2245H at stratospheric levels.

    Guaranteed no issues, guaranteed no DOA. It was sent to the local service center in the last three months and is very very strong, in perfect shape. The techs comments was this is a beast & is playing at levels well over 600 wpc. All balanced inputs and outputs, with adjustable gain controls on the front panel, and high and low passes.

    Looking for 450 OBO; I have 175.00 worth of work in this, as the switch was fixed, as well as having all the power transistors looked at and electrically matched and replaced as necessary. The heat sinks were all redone with new heat sink compound. It should be good for another 15 to 20 years of melting your favorite large diameter bass speaker voice coils.

    Buy from a fellow LHF member who believes in passing along a righteous deal. No reasonable offer declined, amp is old school and weights ~ 40 to 50 lbs. shipping is actual cost shipped from Evansville Indiana. Local pickup is encouraged; certainly not required. I have a couple of more of these, one of which I need to run through the shop (one channel is weak). PM me for a phone number ,zero distorsion killer bass is just a call away

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