Hi All,

I've been gone for a while but I'm glad to see the forum is up and running again! Anyway, on to my questions...

I was lucky enough to find someone willing to sell me a pair of L250's about 6 months ago. I've spent a lot of time now getting to know them and I must say they are quite an impressive pair of speakers. Not perfect though and that brings me to the point...

Last week I stumbled across someone selling all the parts to upgrade an L250 to 250Ti on ebay (kinda surprised that I didn't read about it here first). Everything is included - both 044Ti's, both upper mids and both 250TI crossovers complete with the Monster Cable. It didn't reach the reserve but the seller and I reached an agreeable price, so the parts are on the way.

I'm curious to know if:

1) Has anyone here ever gone through this upgrade before ?


2) Has anyone heard the L250 and 250Ti and would be willing to comment on the differences ?

I am hoping this upgrade smooths out the upper mids some, and takes care of the volume linearity problem my L250's seem to have. By that I mean that if I get the sound adjusted perfectly for lower volumes (using either the attenutators in the back or an EQ), it doesn't sound right at higher levels (too much highs, not enough lows).

I'm also excited because the newer crossover allows bi-amping/bi-wiring. I was doing this with my XPL140's and it (despite my skeptical anticipations to the contrary) did make a noticable difference in clarity and soundstage.

Anyway, thanks much for any responses. I'll be happy to post my results here if there is any interest.

Craig (aka jblnut)