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Thread: JBL 4345 Clone - Active Crossover Question

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    JBL 4345 Clone - Active Crossover Question

    Hi All,

    I am in the process of building a JBL 4345 clone (with 2405, 2441, 2122H, and 2245H) and at the recommendation of fellow forum members, I have decided to bi-amp.

    I recently purchased a Marchand XM-9 crossover on the used market and I now need to purchase the right crossover frequency module for the 4345. I remember reading somewhere on this site that the crossover for the 2245H should be set to 290hz.

    Could someone please confirm whether that is the right crossover point before I place and order with Marchand.


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    from JBL 5235 Manual... (18 dB/octave crossover -card- freq/values for 4345 and 4355):

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    you might want to verify the actual voltage drives and slopes as implemented on this card.

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    There are a few references to this question if you use the search function.

    I do know however that 4313B as since revised the active voltage drivers with an improved biamp version of the 4345 crossover filters.

    It may pay to pm 4313B for more specific information.


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