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Thread: Altec 412C Biflex build

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    Altec 412C Biflex build

    I have a nice pair of Altec 412C Biflex that I'm looking for box ideas for. I attached a screen shot of a WinISD plot that I set up. Since I have no T/S parameters for the 412C, I used the 414-8C, since the 412 can be reconed into a 414. Anyway the box is 30" tall, 16" wide, and 14.5" deep. There's 2 4" diameter ports, 4.75" long. The box is tall so I can have the speaker at about ear level when seated. If you have T/S parameters for the 412C, ideas for the build, or maybe suggestions for a super tweeter on top, throw 'em in! Thanks!
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