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Thread: Pan pipes song from the 80s

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    JBL 4645

    Pan pipes song from the 80s

    Does anyone recall a tune/song that was in the charts around 1982/83 it lasted for about 4 minutes it had slow to fast rhythm beat in the (pan pipes) as well as lyrics. It was kinder funky.

    I think it south American?


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    JBL 4645

    Nice listening to Gheorghe Zamfir - Einsamer Hirte

    That’s not the one I heard on the radio some 28 years ago. It appeared roughly around early 82’ wintertime.

    It had vocal track on the mix with guitars now that I recall.

    Maybe I should call the radio station up that broadcasted originally in the local region, doubt that would have clue since most of the older D J’s have retied by now.

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    I think you mean this one...

    ...I stumbled on this thread when I had a sudden urge to find a track of the same description that I remembered myself.

    I suspect this may be the one you are after (it was the one I was after and was in the UK charts in 1982): Cacharpaya by Incantation

    Check it out here:

    Hope this is the one you're seeking!


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