I came across a pair of 2225h,2425j drivers ,2327 adapters and 2380a horns on CL ,all for $150 and all in perfect working order. I already have some DIY subs from Parts Express,(400 watt 18" in T/S cab,properly built, sound great, -3db around 30). I would like to build a cab for the JBL components i just got and make a large tri amp studio monitor system. I have a dbx Driverack for the 3 way crossover. Plenty of amps by AB Systems. I was even thinking of using a Dynaco ST-70 for the horns. Anyway, is the 2380a a good horn to use with the 2425J driver? I will be about 10feet from the cabs in a 20x15 room. Any cab dimensions for the 2225h? Size isn't an issue.
Any help is appreciated!