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Thread: Happy Tenth Anniversary, Lansing Heritage!

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    Happy 15th Anniversary, Lansing Forums!!

    Darned, ANOTHER day I missed with the Holidays ...

    Happy 15th Anniversary, Lansing Forums!!

    Thanks to Don, John, Steve, and Steve for starting this place,
    and to all of you for making it a great resource and fun place to hang out!

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Schell View Post
    The Lansing Heritage web site went live on May 25, 2000, after several months in development. When Don McRitchie, Steve Lewis and myself decided to fund and build the site, we could have never guessed how large the site would become, nor how many visitors and members it would serve.

    Most of the credit goes to Don McRitchie, who has been the webmaster since the beginning and has probably spent thousands of hours building and maintaining the site. Many thanks also to John Nebel who has hosted this site on his servers without charge since 2003. My involvement in the site and the people here has been a real gas, and I hope to be able to increase my involvement in the years to come. Cheers, y'all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hjames View Post
    Darned, ANOTHER day I missed with the Holidays ...

    Happy 15th Anniversary, Lansing Forums!!
    Time flies when you are having fun.....................
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    Quote Originally Posted by hjames View Post
    Darned, ANOTHER day I missed with the Holidays ...

    Happy 15th Anniversary, Lansing Forums!!
    Hey Heather, thanks for making me feel even older! Thanks to Don, Gisk...ah, 4313B and everyone else for providing this site and the content that makes it a very special place to routinely visit.

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    Lansing Heritage

    Thanks to all who made it possible!

    Regards, Ron
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    Thanks to all who contributed and those who are still contributing.
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    Happy birthday.

    Thanks for a great site where one has access to an massive wealth of Lansing knowledge.


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    Wow, that was sure a quick fifteen! Despite some loss of focus / other priorities redirecting energies of the founders in recent years, I am glad to read that this site in general is still a valuable resource for many folks. May it still be so in another 5, 10, 15 years. A big shout out to my co-founders Don McRitchie and Steve Lewis!

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