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Thread: help building speaker project

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    help building speaker project

    Hi everybody, I'm building this projects using the following parts to be used in each speaker 2 of them:
    LF Jbl 2241G 1pc
    MF JBL 2446h 1pc
    HF JBL 2404h 1pc

    Pasive crossovers
    Jbl 3160 and 3105

    Please somebody give an opinion regarding this project , thank you

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    Hello and welcome

    What horn will you be using on the 2446, and what is the application of this speaker?
    A 2241 will have to be crossed low, so you will either have to use a big horn on the 2446 (like a 2360), or use a midbass driver in-between.
    Also you better go active, because there is no chance your passive crossover will just work right out of the box with your drivers ans horns.

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    ...based on these drivers, you will have an empty hole between 100 and 800 depending on the horn used....

    you could always sell the 2241s and replace them with 2225s or 2226s, I suppose.

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    reply to your questions

    Thanks for your answers , the application will be home use , regarding the type of horn for the 2446h I have a pair of 2380a horns with brackets and the 2241g woofers are in the original box of JBL sr4718's ,one more question , I have a pair of tannoys V12ph , could I use them as mid base as you suggested , thanks again bye now.

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