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Thread: L20T a bit Zingy ?

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    L20T a bit Zingy ?

    I have found recently my L20T's sound a bit "bright" in the upper treble region. I am using a very good 6DJ8 based linestage and a very smooth, flat response MOSFET power amp. I have used this Pre-Pwr setup on many speakers (JBL and others) and not found the same "zingy-ness" or excessive brightness before.

    Is this how these sound normally ?

    Thanks guys.

    And yes,....I said "Zingy"
    "Give me JBL, or give me death"

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    That sounds like tweeter "spit"

    Anytime added harmonics are added into the tweeter ( usually due to crap in the gap or someone foolishly thinking that MP3 files off youtube are clean ) output it makes them sound harsh.

    There is a small foam "button" behind the dustcap on the 035T that can go bad just like surrounds on woofers and put debris in the gap. If you know a real good reconer, have him remove the dia and inspect.


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    - Here's a shot of the foam pad that's inside one of my 035Ti(s) .

    - It's a damping pad . It's supposed to lightly touch the inside of the diaphragms dome .
    - If it loses physical contact with the dome , the damping is lost, allowing the full "Zing" of that titanium to be unleashed .

    - This may be why yours has gone zingy . OTOH, you may just not like titanium .

    <> cheers

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