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Thread: Model Number of a 12'' JBL woofer?

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    Model Number of a 12'' JBL woofer?

    What is the model number of a Vintage 1970's 12'' JBL woofer that has a black cone, dark grey dust cap, alnico magnet, cast frame, 3'' v.c., and treated accordian surround? Anyone with box size with port sizes?

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    Maron Horonzakz
    D-123 Power 20 watts. magnet 6 lbs

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    !2'' JBL Woofer.

    Thank's for the quick reply...

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    Maron Horonzakz
    If it has a dark dust cap it may have been reconed. My catalog shows a shiny dust cap.

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    !2'' JBL Woofer

    It may be, I didn't consider it. JBL had the D-123 16 ohm. driver in the 1960's and 70's.

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    Maron Horonzakz
    A coaxial version using the frame & 6lb magnet , 3" VC. But white cone. Plus a variant of LE20 tweeter in the center. Called LE12C . This was a sweet general purpose speaker. I liked it as mutch as the LE14C.

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    Actually, AFAIK, the D123 had a paper edge and an aluminum dustcap... or at least, most of them did.

    If it's an original (not reconed) black (actually, dark gray) cone with a treated fabric accordion edge, it sounds like an early version of the 123A, as used in some of the VERY early L88 Novas and such. That'd place the age of the driver as being made in about 1967 or so, AFAIK.

    The LE12-C was, AFAIK, a 123A with a tweeter... maybe some other suspension differences, but pretty much that...


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    Pair of LE12C on eBay right now, (not me):


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