Grumpy, two AVSers from the LA Home Theater Group, and I ran a JBL Performance Series BassQ through its paces today, plus drank some beer, ate some Chicago dogs, and had lemon meringue pie.

At the end of the day, we pondered: To BassQ or not to BassQ?

That is definitely A question, though maybe not THE question.

Perhaps in a smaller version of "too many subs diminishes performance," possibly too many brains trying to set up and test BassQ diminishes the effectiveness of that enterprise, too.

Some things we learned:

1. A remote with only six buttons can still have a confusing user interface.
\1a. Pressing the button that you think you should press can result in having to start all over.
\1b. The more people who use the remote, the more times you have to start over.
2. Do not assume you're testing four subs until you verify that four subs are working.
3. On a Fosgate Audionics THX four channel amp in bridged mode, use the odd-numbered inputs. (see #2)
4. Dim indicator lights that look cool in a darkened room are invisible and worthless in the bright light of day.
5. It pays to run some sweeps and response curves after the BassQ is done, so you can see you obviously missed something and the "change" you heard the first time was mostly in your head. Now do it over, and do it right!
6. Harman is correct that 75% of the battle is the right number of subs (2 or 4) and the right placement (corners or midpoints); 25% is in correction (like BassQ). That might even be 80/20 or 90/10 in some rooms.