If any of you are still running IE6 or earlier, you will note that the forum has a number of display problems. IE6 was not a standards based browser, and now that the internet is quickly moving to accepted standards, this version is considered obsolete. It is not and will not be supported by this or future versions of the forum. As a word of warning, the entire site will be dropping support for IE6 within the next month. Therefore, if you have not upgraded to a more current browser, now is a good time to do so.

The issue of IE6 obsolescence is widespread. High traffic sites such as YouTube have already dropped support, so we are not doing this in isolation. To be clear, this issue is not limited to IE browsers and old versions of Netscape have similar problems. It's just that because IE has the predominant market share in browsers, more issues are expected with them. Use of current browsers from Goggle, Apple, Opera, and Mozilla (Firefox) should all work fine as alternatives.