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Thread: 2214H pro vs home

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    2214H pro vs home

    Hi all,
    Any diff between the 2214H Pro series vs. the home versions in the L100T? The connectors are different, the home has the male-female tabs, while the pro versions have the higher quality push button style connectors. The pro also has the decal, but other than that, any differences specification wise?

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    Hey, Regis...

    That is a weird question! My sense is, that any 2214H will have (fairly) uniform Thiele-Small parameters, regardless of connecter style. I think the connector style difference is to mate with the (factory build) network - you know, assembly line considerations. But, this is just a possibly heretical guess...

    "Indeed, not!!"

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    Good guess...

    But I think it's more of an 'aesthetics' issue. Not sure what JBL used the 2214H in as far as any monitors, but I'd bet that the fancy "JBL Pro Series" sticker and the nicer connectors were more or less 'eye candy' for the studios or individuals who'd buy them and invariably pull the speaker for repair, service or inspection.

    The regular 2214H pair I own just has the deal painted on a plain black magnet. Probably no differance at all. Thanks Bo! I brought them anyway off've Ebay, so I could 'supercharge' the L-150's my little brother owns. Just got to enlarge the hole a smidge and they'll drop right in.
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    The 2214H is a fantastic driver. My DIY 4425 use the male/female types.
    I always wonder why JBL does no longer use or build them as they are such extraordinary speakers.

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    I heartily agree Guido that's why I got the pair for my little brother on Ebay for his L-150's. The 2214H's just blow the paper plate looking 128H's out of the water. Clear, sharp bass with some guts to it. No EQ needed. My L-150's now sound every bit as good as my former L-65A's.

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