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Thread: Greetings all!

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    Smile Greetings all!

    I wanted to introduce myself to the forum and say hello.

    I recently arranged to buy a pair of 4435's.

    All four woofers have been professionally rebuilt and the they're in excellent shape. My inclination from the get-go is to put new diaphrams in the horns because I don't know how they were treated in their past life. I figure this way I'll be starting off with a known good setup, but we'll see after I have a chance to listen to them.

    I'm due to pick them up at the end of the month but have to drive 600 miles to get them.

    I bought them because I wanted to play with horns as that's something that I've never done. I had the opportunity to hear a pair of EdgarHorns once and was blown away by how good they sounded. I am hoping that I can at least get into the ballpark with these. (I'm sure Bruce Edgar would be laughing if he read this...)

    I spent a fair amount of time with the earlier version of these in the studio years ago, and really liked how they sounded. (Seems to me the earlier version had the twin woofers but the finned lens, but it's been a very long time and my memory is fuzzy - can't remember for sure. All I really remember is the twin woofers and being amazed at how smooth they sounded)

    Regarding the 4435's, I've read many mixed reviews about them, so I'm a bit nervous at this juncture as these were a fair amount of money. However, I figured that I'd grab them and play with them for a while to see if they're any good; or how good they really are. My theory is that many, many albums from the 70's and 80's were mixed on these speakers. Hence, it would be interesting to hear the music as actually mixed.

    I've got a fair amount of high-end audio gear so these will be an interesting departure/introduction. I'm planning on biamping using a Pass Labs Aleph on the top and I don't know what on the bottom yet. I've got a several options for the bottoms including a Crown K2, a Threshold Ta-300 or a couple of big Adcom mono blocks. Just haven't decided yet...

    Am also looking for a 5235 for the initial foray into these. I figure I will modify a pair of Bryston 10B-LR's that I have eventually, but for now it would be far easier to just find a 5235 and build a pair of the proper crossover cards for it. It will get me going in the near-term while also giving me a reference unit to check the Bryston's against once I start modifying their slopes to match.

    Well, I've gone on long enough. Simply wanted to say hello! I've lurked on this forum for years and now look forward to taking part.


    Steve (Apogee)

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    Welcome, Steve, and congrats on your 4435 acquisition.

    As you know, the only ears that matter are yours in a case like this, so everyone else's opinion--good or bad--is just that: an opinion. My opinion is you'll enjoy the heck out of them, as long as you don't drop them on top of yourself or go deaf because they sound so good with lots of volume and power.

    Enjoy! and keep us up-to-date on your experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apogee View Post
    I wanted to introduce myself to the forum and say hello.
    Welcome to the world of big woofers and big brown boxes!

    Quote Originally Posted by Apogee View Post
    Am also looking for a 5235 for the initial foray into these.
    I wouldn't recommend them... cruise the active crossover threads as well as those about 4435s if you haven't already... there is much to read, some excellent advice and some interesting perspectives.


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