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Thread: L-19 tweets missing, need orig. part# and availability

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    L-19 tweets missing, need orig. part# and availability

    I just picked these L19s up today in a junk store. Not the best JBL box ever made, but I like em for a small room, and I will use them somewhere. The 8 inch drivers are in very good shape. The tweeters have been replaced with some of Radio Shacks worst.

    Are these from the 80's-early 90's? If so, that would make these the newest JBL's I have ever owned by far.

    Does anyone know where I can find the original tweeter part # (If still available) OR if not, a suitable replacement?

    Thank you


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    follow this link to the tech data sheet:

    someone on the forum might have a pair, then again there's always FleaBay
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    I´ve got a pair but need to check the condition.
    PM if you are interested.

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