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Thread: What's your kind of music?

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    What's your kind of music?

    Hi all,

    I want to start a thread with a theme, that's very interesting (I think).

    Whats your favorite kind of music, also meant over the years of your music experiancies.
    But pay attention........what you write, let's give some reflexions of your psyche

    For myself's taste it's very easy:

    I began in 1964 with my first (self) bought vinyl from the Rolling Stones. They follow my musical way till today.
    Later in the '60s I heard: Beach Boys, Beatles, Who, Cream, Traffic, Led Zeppelin. (no chewing gum music)
    The 70s began with Deep Purple, Pink Floyd....mid 70s with the Eagles, JJ Cale, also Soul ...James Brown, Wilson Picket, Otis Reading,
    The 80s with Michale Jackson, Disco all kind, etc.
    the 90s, my US travelling times: Garth Brooks and a lot of other stuff like this,
    2000: also Country Rock like Faith Hill........and more Blues....the real one ......John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Albert King, Steve Ray Vaughn, BB King, Clapton, and a lot more
    (Since 1980 on JBLs)

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    Alex Lancaster



    About the same and:

    Bob Dylan, Byrds, Animals, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, Janis, Melanie, Simon & Garfunkel (none of just Simon, Ugh), and lots others.

    Concurrently: Bach, Vivaldi and Händel, mainly but lots others.


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    Hey, Hanspeter...

    I was certain we'd another Thread on this, but I failed to locate it. Matters not. Always an interesting topic.

    Widget burned me onto Annie Lennox' "Medusa" - a stunner, even if over produced.

    I love anything by Lucy Kaplansky - particularly "Flesh and Bone" and "Ten Year Night", but that's 'cause I tend to wallow in Alt/Country... Her latest "The Red Thread" is outstanding. Check out her work as CryCryCry - we just started covering "Down by the River" to raging fan review at our New Mexico shows last week. Hmm-mm good...

    But, one of my favorite sources has become, and remains, "The Loft", XM Radio channel 50. Mike Marrone and company are doing a phenomenal job. Pete Fornatelle - ex of WNEW-FM, NYC - has just joined, and the teams programming is tasty. Best, because you can recline with a glass of fine wine, and just let them roll it for you, commercial free...

    A very, very close second, and only second due to brevity of the morning programming slot, is Dallas Dobro's morning show on KPIG in Santa Cruz, at (need RealOne due to RIAA royalties).
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    I'm kind of a veteran cosmic rocker. But I will listen to almost anything. I started like you HP same groups more into the Moodies, ELP,ELO,YES, King Crimson,PFM, Nektar, Styx, Kansas, UK, Gentile Giant, Genesis, Asia, Alan Parons, Rennasance, Triumvirat, Queen defianately into progressive rock. Black Sabath,Neil Young, New Riders Purple Sage, Pure Prarie League, CSNY, Charlie Daniels, Mashall Tucker, Jethro Tull, Little Feet,Peter Gabriel, Strawbs, Steeley Dan, The Tubes, Billy Joel, Elton John, Chick Corea, Stanley Clark, Framton, Camel, Bella Fleck, Clapton, Joe Jackson, Frank Zappa and others too.

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    Ill second Stanley Clark, I love to play his cut Lopsy Lu as a system demo.

    Dance music

    Pink Floyd


    Some Big band

    Louis Armstrong, especially the Louis and Ella duet, Summertime, Summertime!

    Some Classical

    Most Jazz

    salsa, Tito Puente, El Gran Combo

    And one of my personal favorites, Yanni. he is an extremely creative, one man electronic orchestra who does very dynamic music!

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    mostly blues/rock´n roll. but also some 80:s metal iron maiden, old metallica. my personal favourite is roy buchanan. MAN the way he plays the guitar!!! to bad he aint with us anymore
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    ok....forgot some

    Originally posted by Robh3606 ( edited by HP)
    .....I started like you HP same groups more into the Moodies, ...... Triumvirat, ......Mashall Tucker, Jethro Tull, Little Feet,Peter Gabriel, .....Steeley Dan, ...... and others too.
    Hi Rob,

    thanks for completing MY list.....Triumvirat....wonder that you know this german group.....I loved "sweetest sound of liberty" from the album Spartacus and btw. Marshall Tucker's tribute to Steve Ray vaughn.....great.

    I saw live :
    King Crimson in a small club
    3 x Jethro Tull
    2 x Genesis
    3 x ELP
    and some more

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    I enjoy many of the artists listed above plus:

    Diana Krall (Live In Paris) simply stunning dynamics on my Westlakes

    Tom Waits
    Robert Cray
    Bobby Blue Band
    Natilie Merchant
    Tracy Chapman
    Carlos Santana
    Mark Knopfler
    Larry Carlton
    Lee Ritenour
    Brian Ferry

    Just to name a few.


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    some great stuff in there

    what a list
    but i didnt see the blues traveller in the list
    i especially like the album 4 if im not in a good mood
    it takes u through a whole range of emotion and by the end of it leaves you ready to face the day and not giving a crap about what was worring you
    cool sound but i suppose its not for everybody

    thats the recipe

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    Lots'o good tunes rolling around in here.Can't belive nobody's brought up The Allman Brothers Band good stuff!Live At Filmore is incredible,IMO.Just sounds right cranked on the JBL's.Some newer stuff is pretty good, BigHead Todd and The Monsters and John Mayer are two off the top of my head.But what about the older stuff?Head East(first concert )Flat AS A Pancake album, love the bottom end on that one big and meaty!Tom Petty,ACDC,REO,Santana, the list is endless!Rock on!

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    we should start a new rockerz thread

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    Anything except rap or hip-hop.
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    I listen to so many different things in music. I recently picked up an album which is called Early Medieval Music up to 1300 and it is great. To me I cant even put together a top list because like in the movie Hi Fidelity I have to put it into top 5 lists for the situation.

    I do have to say though that Rage Against the Machine and A Perfect Circle are mind blowing on a pair of 4430's. But there is nothing like Skid Row at a volume too loud to be in the room

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    I have been playing most what you have listed. But just a few keep returning to my CD-player:

    - Pink Floyd, almost every album. I have serious problems with Piper at the gates of dawn and A saucerful of secrets.
    - Roger Waters
    - Nick Cave and the bad seeds.
    - Portishead
    - Madrugada (Norwegian)
    - Kari Bremnes (Norwegian)
    - Gotan Project
    - Queen
    Johnny Haugen Sørgård

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    Hello All, Always nice to see the music being brought to the forefront again.
    Before I list the rest of my best let me say that special mention goes to Eric Claptons
    tribute disc to Robert Johnson
    . I have never been a big fan of Clapton but this disc and the video which aired here recently on PBS are outstanding...Two Thumbs Way Up
    best of the rest ...
    Lyle Lovette-Step Inside This House
    Big Head Todd & The Monsters-Sister Sweetly
    Cowboy Junkies
    Elvis Costello-King of America
    Tragically Hip
    Diana Krall
    Muddy Waters
    Popa Chubby
    Billy Bragg/Wilco- Mermaid Avenue Vol.2(Guthrie Covers)
    Joan Osborne
    Patti Rothberg
    ..........Treadmill Fodder.............
    Prong,Metallica,Pantera,New Model Army,Rage Against The Machine,AC-DC,Cult,
    Skunk Anansie,Killing Joke,Screaming Blue Messiahs

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