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Thread: JBL Grille Pegs or Dowels

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    JBL Grille Pegs or Dowels

    Hi all,

    While checking the grille pegs on my JBL speakers, I pulled one out of my JBL L-19 without much difficulty - tight fit but came out without problems. Tried to do the same with my "previous owner worked over" 4333's and the peg wouldn't budge. Tried to pull it out with a tool and it snapped off! Maybe a much harder plastic, maybe it was glued in (factory or modified?), maybe just stuck?

    Wanted to know what your experience was and any thoughts on how to pull the rest (Of the broken peg) out. Kinda like a broken stud, my thoughts were to:

    1. drill small hole, thread in a screw and pull

    2. drill out in progressively larger sizes to preserve as much of the original hole as possible (and not enlarge it hopefully).

    3. Other alternatives?

    I have replacement pegs already.

    Oh, one other thing, what has been the evolution of the pegs?

    I've seen whole pegs, base is solid round cylinder and top half is split in two half segments and these have been white or black, usually a harder plastic? The replacement pegs which I think are newer are a slightly softer plastic with the base a fluted push fit and the top the same split segments. Is this correct or are there others?

    Thanks, you guys are always a big help.


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