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Thread: Surround break in time?

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    Surround break in time?

    hi everyone , i've seen alot of discussion on resurround vs recone ,which is better or (we know which is better) should jbl sell surround kits etc, but my question is if you put surrounds on properly useing a shim kit and new dust cap ,is there really a break in time ,as most sellers tell you there is . i have done quite a few surround replacements ,always with shims & new dust cap and the end result was always (95% of the time) a great quality jbl sound ,and when i did have a problem with popping or poor sound no breakin time changed it . so what do you think does this so called breakin time truely exist ,because if so maybe on the 5% that failed need more time. LOL , but seriously i would like to get some feedback from some of the more experiened members then myself ,thanks P.S. this site has been a valuable source of info to me ,i would like to say thanks to all,in the future i will hit that big D button to show my appretiation

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    Although I've never personally done a refoam myself, I've had lots of them done for me, and can tell you a break-in period definitely affects the sound, usually lowering the resonant frequency. That's been my experience with brand new subwoofers also - the resonant frequency usually seems to go down 2-5 hz after they've been run good and hard for a while. I'm sure distortion would also go down as the surrounds, (and spiders when new), loosen up, providing less resistance to the speaker following the signal. I imagine efficiency also goes up slightly, at least at low levels.


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    You really can't damage any new or reconed/refoamed speaker by not breaking it in.

    But logically I'd assume the spider would need more time to "break in" than a surround, as surrounds play a small part in suspension, though a large part in good sealing.

    So just work the speakers for a little while till they loosen up, if you think surrounds DO need time to break in.

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    I have resurrounded several pairs of drivers and not once have I opened a dust cap and shimed the coil. So for me at least that is not the way to go. I would not even try it. My thoughts are if the refoam kit doesn't work time for a recone. I have not had a re-surrounded speaker fail from misallingment after hours of use. As far a breakin I think its real. I have had refoamed drivers that on initial turn on were bass shy compared to a well used driver. It didn't last long though. Now we all know the best is a recone but at the current prices for some of the older kits by the time you figure in the cost of the core, cone kit, and shipping you could purchase a new driver.


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