Yesterday I posted that Don's photos weren't visible in this thread:

all that was there were two lines of text with the file name, number of views, and file size. Odder still, the number of views is climbing but there's still no photo. In PM's with Don, I tried to quote his post and odd icons showed up instead of the photo description text lines but no photos or locations. This was using Firefox on my Mac.

Now Punch's reply would have me believe at least he can see them. So I refreshed the page. Still no picks.

Next I went with an alternate browser (latest Safari version) which did not automatically sign me in to the site. I went to the forum index and found some forums weren't even listed, like the Lansing Product Marketplace. I found that odd, so I went to the main page at reentered the site, clicked on "discussion forums" and Marketplace appeared in the list of forums. I went there and clicked on Don's 4343 thread and now in his original post there is a box one-line tall and a couple of inches long for each "photo" with a question-mark icon in the middle of it. Still no photos.

I checked other threads with attached and linked photos and, as best I can tell, they are all working fine.

I suppose my first question would be am I the only one who can't see the photos in the thread?