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Thread: requesting some guidance on a 130a based system

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    requesting some guidance on a 130a based system

    HI ---

    Thanx in advance for your advice. I have a pair of 130a, n1200 and 175dlh's. I am planning to build a cabinet for these units. ideally the cabinets would be part of a 3 piece console looking system that would allow me to place my LCD tv on top. I want to also house my surround sound system along with my tube stereo/turntable system inside.

    I need to build wife/room friendly.

    In researching this system, it looks like plans on this site call for a 5 cubic foot cabinet with a 25 sq" port.

    My question is about dimensions --- H x W x L of the individual speaker cabinets.

    • How much can i "stretch" the cabinet?
      • i am trying to build as low as i can.

    • Are their dimensions/ratio's that i need to avoid?
    • What is the ideal size cabinet to use with this combo?
    • Is there a particular offset when mounting the 175dlh in relation to the 130a?
    • Any grill cloth material to stay away from?

    Thanx again for any tips/advice!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    I have little knowledge about the technical stuff but I've been married for 32 years and have always had a large audio system(s).

    It's easier to integrate large cabinets into a living space than trying to hide them. Taller cabinets have a smaller footprint than shorter ones with the same volume and make good stands for books, lamps, plants and knick knacks. Wife friendly.

    Put it together at one time and test it in the garage. Don't have a bunch of useless junk that she sees and hates more each day while you're waiting for parts because you didn't find out until you turned the room upside down that it doesn't work right.

    Don't make it complicated to use. With those components and a good cabinet you should be able to get an excellent sound that will sound best flat and eliminate the need for wife confusing peripherals.

    Play her favorite music when you first show it to her and if it's part of the TV surround system play one of her favorite movies that has a particularly good surround music track. Have a couple of her favorite CDs sitting close by and show her how to use it.

    A word of warning about using big speakers in a surround system; you'll quickly learn that the other speakers won't match the quality or the sheer expanse of the big JBLs and you'll be taking them out or looking to match them with something similar. If do match them you won't be sorry and if you're building cabinets you may want to build another three for the center and rears.

    Bob Walker

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