The 2003 Home Entertainment/Stereophile high end audio video show started in San Francisco today.

JBL Synthesis and Runco partnered with a fairly large set up. They were using the JBL K2S9800s as the left and right front speakers. They were also using a large 18" sub that was a bit over powering. It was great to hear the K2s. However when we asked them to play some music through them, they still had the sub and other Synthesis speakers on in a surround mix so it was difficult to really evaluate them. Since Runco was footing part of the bill, they were not very interested in giving stereo only demos. The $100K 3 chip DLP from Runco did have a great picture though.

After the demo we talked with the JBL factory rep who told us that they have sold 300 pairs in Japan. So far there are no dealers demonstrating the K2 in the US. It is no wonder that they have not sold a single pair yet in the US. The pair I saw at the show are the only pair in North America that are not at the factory! At least they are showing them at the shows... I guess it is a start.

Another high point of the show was the new TAD home speaker system... no horns but it does have a concentric mid tweeter with a wave guide.