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Thread: READ ME - Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules

    The intent of this forum is to develop a community of people that share a common interest in the products and legacy associated with James B. Lansing. To that end, it is my intent to foster as wide ranging discussion as possible. There is even a place for non Lansing related discussion - the "Off-Topic" forum.

    To make this place enjoyable and useful to its members, there are a few basic guidelines. First, before you post a question, use the search feature that is accessed from the row of buttons at the top right corner of all pages. Since this forum has been in operation for some time, there is a very good chance that any question you may have has been asked and answered before. Second, make sure that you post in the appropriate forum. For example, do not announce your Ebay auctions in the "General" forum. The "Marketplace" forum was specifically designed for this type of post. Third, try to ensure that replies to any given post remain on topic. If your reply to an existing post constitutes a change in subject, it is better for everyone involved if you create a brand new thread devoted to your new subject.

    For now, the following are the only hard and fast rules:

    A) What's Allowed

    You are free to comment on or criticize any action, opinion or assertion made on this forum.

    B) What's Not Allowed

    - You are not allowed to make personal attacks. Ad hominem attacks and name calling will not be tolerated.
    - No duplicate registrations. Duplicate accounts, and sock puppets in particular, will be disabled.

    It is not my intent to turn this site into the epitome of political correctness. Sarcasm, exposure to ridicule and humour in general are all perfectly acceptable as long as it is directed at A) and not B).

    Above all, have fun. Remember, its a hobby and we're supposed to enjoy it.

    Don McRitchie

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    sorry to bother you but how do i delete a thread? i cant seen to work it out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonrice
    sorry to bother you but how do i delete a thread? i cant seen to work it out?
    You can't - if you return within 24 hours of posting, you can delete a post - but you can only delete such recent posts of your own - not others.
    If I read it right, that Thread Killer function existed in previous versions of the forum, but not in the more recent versions.
    Its been gone a while ...
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