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Thread: Voice-coil rubbing: possible fix?

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    Voice-coil rubbing: possible fix?

    I have a 2204H. The unit works, but has developed a voice-coil rubbing. On normal music/levels this is not noticeable - but it is definitely there: easily detected on a 30 Hz test tone, and when moving the cone by hand.

    Is it - by any means - possible to fix this (apart from a new (and expensive) recone job)?

    Thanks, Espen

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    Maybe yes, maybe no.

    If the voice coil is blistered excessive heating of the voice coil windings = No.

    If there is some bit of magnetic little stuff in the gap that can gotten out by melting out the cone and "reconing" then = maybe yes.

    if the glue joint is failing around the spider and can be reglued = yes.

    If the surround is starting to tear loose from the "paper" cone and can be re-glued = maybe yes.

    Using a 2204 12" driver for 30hz seems a bit low for me. Try the 40hz high pass filter button.

    That has been my experience.
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