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Thread: Cone depth and profile.

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    Cone depth and profile.

    I don't recall (what else is new) ever reading what the differences in cone profiles get you sonically.

    For instance a 2020's cone is one full inch deeper than a 2204 or 2206. I know they do not serve the same demands so there must be a reason for the big difference, besides the deep ones look cool. I have a guess but it is just that.

    Does anyone know of a reference on the subject?

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    more triangulation... same material? stiffer cone.
    handles more mechanical power before failing.
    cost, capability tradeoffs - likely.

    some useful, if very general, tidbits:

    The leading sentence of this abstract would indicate there is plenty of published material in this area.
    An AES membership would probably be worthwhile, something I've put off for too long:

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    I just ordered the Philip Newell book for 43 clams; It looks like a good resource.

    Anyway, the cone issue has also puzzled me for some time. The first time I noticed significant differences was around the time the first L100s hit the market. Their woofer cones were more shallow then others like the 15" Altecs I owned at the time.

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