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    Re: Re: your new amp

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Figge
    [B]there is a fan in the back of the sinks was REALLY noisy so i cut the cables the bearings were probably busted!


    Hi Figge,

    if you cut the attention to the heat of the heatsinks.

    Without fan they work only fine when turned 90°, so that the rips are's in cause of the convection of the air round the heatsinks, in this case you should be sure, that the cold air can flow from bottom of the cabinet to the top.......or don't drive the amp to hard

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    Re: Re: your new amp

    Originally posted by Figge
    theres 3 cables 1. ground 2. +55V 3. -55V
    As those values are unloaded, I guess that you will not have more than 50V loaded, it means that this amplifier can deliver about 80W under 8 ohms!

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    ok hooked it up and gave it a listen. itīs not good and not bad eather...pretty dark raw sound! howerver it had very nice bass! i have heard much worse amps! guess iīll fix it up a bit and sell it!

    btw: Yamaha p2200 any good?
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