Hello all,

I recently came across an old, beat up Acoustic Control Corporation 408 bass amp. It came to me empty, and I've been in the works of restoring it.

The amp was originally fitted with (4) Eminence 15", 75W @ 8 Ohm Speakers.

I've been digging around trying to find what replacements (contemporary or vintage) that I could use as replacements, and I'm thinking of putting in either Altec 421As or 421-8LFs.

I'm leaning with the Altec 421As, because they are (currently) a bit easier to find (I do need 4 of them), plus I've heard good reviews of them from people who have used them in other ACC Bass Cabinets...

I'm just wondering if I could get some feedback if this would be a wise decision.

EDIT: I thought I put this in the General Information section, but I totally didn't... sorry