Need some help here...

I am building up a "Synthesis" system, or something really close to one.

My problem now is the SDEC 4500P and 4500X that are more or less rebadged BSS BLU-80 and BLU-32 ( )

I did just buy a BLU-80 as the first step to get a SDEC 4500 setup and I will for now just use it on my subwoofers until I get hold of a BLU-32

I will ofcourse not get the Synthesis software, but that is no problem, however so do JBL use the DACS calibration system to get things right on the Synthesis systems and it is only available to the certified installers.

So my question is if there is something simular to the DACS calibration out there I can use with the BSS setup ?