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Hi Uncle Paul, as has been suggested the car polish is the way to go, do not touch that 409 stuff, its like acid to a finish like that.
Get yourself one of those orbital car polishing/buffers from home depot (Ryobi) probably about 30 bucks. Find an inconspicuos spot & give it a try, a lot of furniture shops use this method to give their high gloss finishes that mirror like finish/look. May even get some of the scratches out, bottom line is, unless you send them out to a shop it will require patience & elbow grease.
Good luck & let us know how you make out.
Car polish has silicone in it, you will not be able to touch up, varnish or paint ,just in case of a error in painting or need to be painted later after buffing if buffing does not work out, it's a automotive painters worst nighmare, as silicone causes varnish to run off. The product above is specially designrd just for that purpose, in case polishing does not work out, you can still, 1500 grit sand and paint.