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Thread: JBL L110 Tweeter Matching (033's)

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    JBL L110 Tweeter Matching (033's)

    Just got a pair of JBL L110 speakers which sound very nice but I noticed a strange problem with the tweeters. One seems to have a different character than the other. One sounds very bright and the other more muted. Adjusting the controls full up revealed that one has much more output and is harsher than the other. In order to eliminate a crossover problem I swapped them and it followed the tweeter. So I found another 033 and replaced the deader sounding one. Much closer but they are still not a perfect match. Is this common on these tweeters? Got another one coming and hopefully between the 4 I can put together 2 that match. Any suggestions, is this common due to the age of the units or was there really that much production variance ?? Anyone that can help clarify ?? Am I missing something ?

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    Re: JBL L110 Tweeter Matching (033's)

    The 033's need to be adjusted using a audio oscillator.

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    Adjust, How ??

    They have to be adjusted? How, on the tweeter itself somewhere, the crossover, or after they are in the enclosure. I have not heard that but it makes sense. Please explain further.

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    Raising a dead thread...

    I've come across this post a few times in my meanderings and I always leave somehow... unsatisfied
    I wonder if anyone would care to elaborate?

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    Steve Gonzales


    I believe Giskard has posted on this subject. what has to be done is that you use a signal generator and set it to sweep from 2-12khz while you've got the dome/diaphragm loose (those three little allens on the front) and begin to tighten them while listening for any strange sounds that indicate mis-alignment. Here is the post:

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