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Thread: G-732 Upgrade

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    G-732 Upgrade

    I am readily accepting input and criticism.

    I am now ready to upgrade my G-732 cabs.

    I have 2 Peavey 15" low freq drivers that I am going to mount in place of the low power JBLs. They are 400 to 800 watts but I doubt that I will really need all that power plus the specs for them look pretty promising. Anyways I think I will leave the high freq driver in the cab for now however I am not sure if this uprgrade is going to damage them so I will take it safe for now. I thought about going with a higher power piezo tweeter in place of the high freq comp driver but I have not made up my mind ... gotta hear it out first. I know a lot of people say leave them alone and just send them a small amount of power but they really are begging me for an upgrade plus I enjoy the time I waste doing so. With that said I hate to really waste time so if anybody has some valuable input I am listening!!!

    I plan on putting the JBLs into our practice cabs for better sound and more efficiency!!!

    I will take the other 15" speakers and drop them in some custom made monitors.

    Thanks for reading and a pre-thank you for any replies!


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    I finished the upgrade and it went well. I have tried them numerous ways and it just sounds so much better. The JBL low freq drivers are nice but the Peaveys are better for the higher power that I need to push these with.

    They handle more power. They offer better lows. They fill the room better.

    So I hooked them up and ran a low freq signal into them and they were pounding. I could feel it taking my breathe a little. Before the swap they were weaker than the TR 225's but now they are better.

    By the way I messed with the freq switch and I have to say that someone needs to kick JBL in the ba!!s for not placing that on every single cab they have made with a high freq horn. I set the horn at minimum and they are perfect!!! When I switched them to maximum they take you head off like the highs from the TR 225s.

    Anyways they sound amazing. I don't have much invested in them and I must say that I am starting to enjoy them Finally.

    Don't think I will buy any more JBLs though. I guess I fell for the same thing a lot of people have ... the nice little logo. Still cannot find a set of JBLs to compete with Carvin. But what will I do with my free time since I won't be buying and upgrading JBLs ... ummm maybe I will finally just enjoy good quality right out of the box.

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