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Thread: Split A7 Cabinet- Horn + Sub (?)

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    Split A7 Cabinet- Horn + Sub (?)

    I was looking through the system photos the other day and ran across KIIROGBL's A7 cabinet with a 2360 horn on top. I like the idea of trying to stuff a sub in the bottom of the cabinet and run it as the sub enclosure.

    I've also been reading a few posts on the pros/cons of the Altec 515 vs. 416. Can someone provide thoughts on sealing off or splitting the bottom of the 828 cabinet (say about 6-10 cf) and porting it for an Altec 416? The 828 horn would still drive the midrange say from 400 Hz to about 3KHz. The JBL 2360 & GPA 399 would take the highs from there.

    I guess another comparison would be the JBL 2360 on a sealed Altec 816 housing a 515 or 416 driving the mids and some ported sub enclosure running an Altec 416 for the bottom end.


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    I have inverted A7's (802's top of inside, and 416's on bottom inside) and they sound great. You should look at cab design as I believe you should have little trouble. I have been down the road of many speakers from B&W to Magnepan to Polk and beyond. I think you will not have a problem. Oh, BTW the inverted uses the N500D crossover, enjoy.

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