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Thread: setting vtf on B&O 4002

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    setting vtf on B&O 4002

    My B&O tt is in a high traffic area and skips when someone bounds by ....the setting proc is terrible..there is a cover over the arm and it has a readout window on the top ....if you still have the OEM tool, it goes thru a small hole in the cover and into the center of a little black plastic wheel and you see the weight thru the little window....and its all good....(only in some B&O designers dreams)

    I watched my tech do it ..he's a each rear corner there are single slot headed screws, you pull them and the whole dustcover assy comes you can get at the tone arm mechanism after pulling off the aluminum cover (that wudnt come off when the dustcover was on) ....all of a sudden you can actually see the scale and turn the black adjusting wheel -which is stiff from old age and wont really turn with my micro screwdriver - and set in whatever you want.

    Phil scanned the manual for me and factory says 1.2g vtf ...I set it at 1.4 and the skipping stopped. When happy...slip on the arm cover and the dustcover and tighten the 2 screws.
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    Hey, did you steal one of my floor-jack pads to use as a record clamp?

    I hope the hockey-puck manufacturers don't realize how much we do with them for the buck they cost, or the price will go out'a sight!

    Glad you got it working! I loved my B&O for many years.
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