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Thread: 1630A Altec Dividing Network

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    1630A Altec Dividing Network

    Hello. I recently found a 1630A Altec Dividing Network at a Thrift Store near here. Being a musician, I recognized that this piece of rack gear was probably useful or valuable and purchased it even though I have no idea what a dividing network is. I can't find any info on this piece of equipment. Can anyone tell me about it? I'd love to know what it does, when it was made, how much it might be worth, etc. It does turn on, but it's apparently missing some tubes in the back. Thanks for any help with this.

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    single channel electronic crossover.
    sockets are probably for transformer options or (less likely) inputs.
    I'd guess late 70's-mid-80's regarding "vintage".

    Google is your friend:
    Someone tried to sell one a year ago for $100... good luck with that.

    I hope you didn't pay much for it. Problem is it's between the "golden age"
    of gear, where sound is almost secondary, and modern gear where sound
    and utility drive the price. "Altec" does not necessarily = $$$.

    I really hope you find a use or buyer for your find. If I randomly saw
    something like this for sale, $5 would be about my limit. Perhaps someone
    else here might recognize the unit and it's particulars (the altecpro manual
    listing doesn't include this particular model), possibly enhancing the
    perceived value.

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    Thanks for the info. Yeah I got it for really cheap. If anyone else has particulars about this thing, I'd still love to know more about it.

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