I realized yesterday that I hadn't listened to the 1812 overture since I got the sub1500s into the mix.
So with the Marantz set at THX level, 0db, and the K2 at about 75% the sound starts at a little less than 70db and then jumps to 80 and then to 90 as the recording goes on. The L212s and the 1500s are just doing a beautiful job and then the live canons go off. The sound level jumps up to 106db, no distortion, just pure sound. This was just in stereo.
I was watching the "Pirates of the Caribbean, the curse of the Black Pearl" on Sunday. Watching it on the 65" in complete darkness, making the speakers completely invisible, the soundtrack of that movie is nothing short of superb. But with 5.1 sound then a third sub kicks in, I have a PB12 connected to the center L212. The 1500s are connected to the sub out.
I guess the only way to make the sound any better is to get a Lexicon MC12 or MC8 pre/pro.