I've acquired a pair of coaxial drivers (JBL E145-8 + JBL 2425HS w/ "blue" horn) pulled from Urei 811C studio monitors--no cabinets, no crossovers, no "helper" woofer--that I want to get working.

JBL Pro does publish crossover schematics for the C-series Urei monitors, and a helpful listener has explained to me how to wind the tapped inductor that's part of the "Time Align" circuit, which is not explained in the schematic,

but I'm wondering if JBL/Urei ever supplied an active crossover for the 811C and/or 813C and if so, which model(s) would do the trick.

I'm guessing that some of the newer digital crossovers (e.g., I use a DBX Driverack 260 with a pair of triamped TAD speakers) offer the requisite adjustments, but would prefer to stay in the analogue domain.

Any info or tips appreciated.