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Thread: n2400 crossover

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    Hi Bumba

    I did a little looking around and it appears that 1.4 mH is not a stock off the shelf size. Which means that if you were to replace your existing JBL coils, you most likely need to order a larger 1.5 mH coil and then remove winding to bring the inductance down to 1.4 mH. To be honest, I am only guessing that your existing JBL coils has an inductance of 1.4 mH. If you plan on replacing the JBL coils with something else than you will need an inductance meter and would need to measure your coils. And order replacement coils according to the actual measured value. And keeping the DC resistance of the replace coil a low as possible (under 0.5 ohms).

    If it was me, I would not replace the JBL coils and just replace the L-Pads and Caps and add the 5 ohm resistors.


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    Hello Baron,

    I noticed the missing 1.4mH while searching online too . Will keep the JBL coils, order other parts and work on it. Thanks for your helps and suggestions.


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