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Thread: Good Grille Fabric ?

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    Good Grille Fabric ?

    Want to recover some JBL grilles. Where can I find a good grille fabric with color variety? thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midlife View Post
    Want to recover some JBL grilles. Where can I find a good grille fabric with color variety? thanks.
    I've used their black cloth:
    but this looks like a good possibility, too:

    For colors, search here for the discussion on orange or threads like this one:
    Which will likely lead you here:

    For JBL Blue, contact Zilch for the Gonzales cloth.
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    What speakers do you have?

    Based on advice given here, I recently purchased some brown grill fabric from Acoustimac for my L15 grills which had been previously recovered in non-original black cloth. The black looked OK but I wanted to bring them back to "stock" appearance.

    The color and texture of the material they sent me is very close if not identical to my L86 grills, which still have the original JBL brown cloth.

    So, if it's brown you need, I vouch for Acoustimac.

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    I'm no expert but the PE black grille cloth I've received (twice) isn't quite as black as I would like it to be. Think of a black T-shirt that's been washed once or twice, just not as deep a black as it seems like it should be.

    Probably looks fine on a brown wood speaker but imho it looks a touch gray/faded on black speakers.

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