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    JBL Registry

    Hello all JBL, Altec and Lansing Manufacturing speakers and drivers owners,

    You are invited to help us add systems and individual drivers, including their serial numbers, into our worldwide registry. If you are interested please help us save a piece of their history by cataloging your speakers systems and single drivers.

    At this time the registry shows more than 12,300 systems, single drivers and parts.

    The registry is for forum internal use only and secures the private data you type in.
    You can also add up to 5 pictures per entry, so prepare them for attachment to a max. size of 1024 / 1024.

    Please read the remarks in the information sheet of the registry. You can see there what data will be shown to the guests.

    When you have completed registering you speakers be patient, it will take a couple of hours for the administrators of the registry to review and approve your entry.

    here's the link to the registry:

    User: lhs
    PW: lhs2007

    Thanks for your contribution

    Rob and HP
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