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Thread: A New Project on the Docket -- 1950 D1005

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    A New Project on the Docket -- 1950 D1005

    It looks like another project is going to follow me home when I pick it up this week. It's a JBL D1005 with blonde finish, with the D175, H1000 horn, and two D130B's. All the components are in excellent condition. The cabinet and the grill cloth need some work, but I hope will clean up OK. The drivers have the race track logo and 1950 serial numbers. The serial number of the whole system is 1234. I'll get the rest of the serial numbers and enter them into the registry when I get the speaker. Now if I can just find another corner.
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    Outstanding! This system appears to be all original. It was made very shortly after Jim Lansing's passing, and it embodies all of his best thinking at the time and predates the design influence of later JBL engineers. William Thomas, majority owner and president of the company at the time, knew the quality of Jim's work as well as anyone. He plowed more of his own capital into the enterprise and began the long struggle to build a prosperous company. Your speaker is a remarkable document of that pivotal period in JBL's history.

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