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Thread: L5's Are Really Ugly, Aren't They!

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    L5's Are Really Ugly, Aren't They!

    I bought these pristine L5's for a pittance last week. I put them in my system, and I cannot believe people don't like them because of the way they look. And from what little I have had a chance to hear them, they are so underappreciated I cannot believe it. Look, I'm not going to rave about these, because the discussion has taken place here many times. That's why I bought them. They deserve a listen, especially for the price they are getting these days.
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    I've never been one to criticize their looks. I think the proportions of the L5 actually look better than the L7, but I don't find either one to be unattractive...just different. Nice find! I'd love to hear a pair someday.

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    Well done.

    I find the entire L Series (1990s) to be attractive, from the shape of the enclosure to the real black ash to the drivers to the narrow baffle.

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