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Thread: Model variations 43xx/L100

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    Model variations 43xx/L100

    Hello people

    I have a great pair of L100s and I'm about to buy a pair of 4312s ... well , I'm suddenly in doubt, because today i was offered a pair of very well kept 4311s.
    But but but ... I find it increasingly difficult since I see variatens in the front layout within the same model.

    Should this tell me something about production series, age, place of assembly or ...?

    I found this image:

    It's a 4311 to the left. Did they come in mirrored pairs? The pair I've been offered are identical, not mirrored.

    Number two from left is a L100 - I have pair of those, they look like that. But I've been offered to buy a pair of L100s with this "alternative" layout:

    Any comments?

    I'd also like to know the difference between 4312, 4312A and 4312 MkII

    And I'd like to know a bit about powerhandling, impedance, sensitivity for L100, 4311, and the 4312 models. Do you know where i can find these specifications?

    I hope someone in this group can help.

    Kind regards,

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    a long story

    all you want to know is there

    and also in this forum regarding L100 runs ...

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