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Thread: Looky What I just Got - old Peavey twin amp!

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    Looky What I just Got - old Peavey twin amp!

    Yeah, a different drift, I know ... saw this on the curb Monday on the work and thought - well, why not ... so I stuffed it in the back of the CRV and headed to work. Looked it up today - apparently its a Peavey Classic 50 212 - from what I can find online it sounds like a popular amp. ALl the knobs are gone, and its been beat around pretty good - handle is trashed, and its heavy for a small amp! apparently its an op-amp front end and tubes output ... with an effects channel.

    Been REALLY busy all week so I haven't had time to see if it powers up, or if the fan runs or the tubes light up or anything ... got an old vox electric around here somewhere I can try it with ... and a wah pedal somewhere ... REAL old school.

    Anyway, seemed like a potential find - even if they aren't JBL 12s in there ... they aren't, are they??

    first two pix are the amp I found - 3rd is an online pix I found of what it looked like new ... neat design.
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