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    Quote Originally Posted by MoD View Post
    Hi, did you ever compare those drivers in 4530?
    Congratulation!great team,great nation!
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    I remember when our JBL Rep (back in the days when Reps would really come out to the dealers to show what new things we should be interested in) came in and one of the things he wanted us to know about was the JBL 2227. JBL had a lull in their horn driver offering where the 2225 was being used for most any box and then moved over to the 2226. As I recall the 2220 was no longer available and 4550 4560 cabinets, if ordered from the factory, would be stuffed with 2225 or 2226 drivers (depending on the year...though I don't know if the horn cabinets were still offered by the time the 2226 came out).

    But there is the rub. When the 2227 came out, it was promoted to us as a HORN driver and to go into applications that the 2220 would have gone into. However, at the time it came out, LF horns were on a serious decline as the trend for smaller and smaller wedge shaped speakers were becoming the norm. In cinema, it was all about direct radiator speakers with the JBL 4675 being the prime example that others were to follow. It was a product that had an ever dwindling market place except, maybe, as a replacement driver to a 2220 (or perhaps a 515 or 416). We, at the time, were still putting in Altec A5C/MRII594As (new) and various A4s (refurbished LF cabinets with new HF horns) for cinema use. We didn't use the 2227 and kept with the Altec 515G or 515G-HP, as needed. If people (including myself) wanted the Altec sound, we wanted the Altec sound. Furthermore, it would require time and expense to experiment with an unknown driver, the 2227. We never sold any but sold quite a bit of the 515s until Altec's demise and have continued to sell the 515 under GPA. Personally, I think the GPA 515-8LF is the best 515 yet. It measures great and sounds even better. If I do another Altec horn job (with 816, 825, 828 or 210 cabinets), I still wouldn't give the 2227 a chance because I've already found a driver that does everything I want, the 515-xLF series.

    If my experience is any indication, that would be why the 2227 had a relatively short production life. It came out too late to be really incorporated into JBL's own designs, horn loaded cabinets were on a serious decline when it came out and those of us still using a mid-bass horn already had our go-to components and really weren't looking for an alternative. I dunno, maybe if JBL had shown the 2227's performance in existing horn cabinets of the day, it might have won over those seeking "upgrades" it could have gotten its foot in the door. To this day, I've never had my hands on one.

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