Greetings, Friends,

Well, as mentioned in the thread regarding 4645's birthday, today, I brought home a very nice JBL 4645 enclosure!! Grumpy very kindly made me a great deal on it, and he, Todd, and I got together today to play around with some sub comparisons, listen to some fun music, and share a fine lunch! Bart (Mech 986) tried to make it, too, but ended up with previous commitments that had to be honored. Good man, he!

We three met up at Grumpy's place, and when Todd and I arrived, Grumpy had already installed a 2245H in one 4645 cabinet, and a 2242H in another, and there they sat, side by side, ready for some comparisons, measurements, and listening tests!! WOW! How much better does it get, eh?! Grumpy had already run some measurements, up close, and at 3 meters (if I recall correctly), and I was very, very surprised at how very close the performance of the 2245H and the 2242H are, in that same cabinet, tuned exactly the same!!! The computer graphs were, virtually, identical! The subs also sounded very, very close, playing the same material and at the same settings. It was very kind of Grumpy to have setup that testing and listening experience, and I really appreciated the chance to compare those two subwoofers, side by side. Even at low volume, both sub systems really added in some basement bass to most of the music we enjoyed. And, yes, we did load up the cannons, in the 1812 Overture, and got to see one of Grumpy's amps, a JBL, clip, just a tiny bit!! Made me remember the first time I played the digital version of that piece on our L300's. Our "little" 100WPC H/K amp went into protection mode, and clamped down on the volume for about 10-15 seconds!!! Scared the heck out of me!!

In any case, we had a fine time with the listening and testing. When finished, we horsed up the single enclosure I'd bought from Grumpy, and loaded it into my Jeep for it's trip up the snowy mountains to it's new home. Then, we headed to Lucille's BBQ, which was a new place for me. There, we shared some fine BBQ, fun stories about myriad topics, and had an outstanding time! We did miss Bart, and hope he can make it next time, for sure. It's wonderful to have some JBL Friends close enough to get together like that, for food, fun, and friendship!! At Lucille's, we sang happy birthday to Todd, too, as tomorrow is his natal day, if I remember correctly. He's still a youngster, though, compared to some of us old geezers!!

The day was over all too soon, and I took leave of Grumpy and Todd, and headed up the mountain, back home again. Once in the village, I stopped at the hardware store and bought 8 hex-headed bolts with which to install my 2242H woofer in the 4645 enclosure. Then, I headed a little higher up the mountain, and arrived home again, safe and sound. It took me a little while to get up the courage to undertake horsing that huge subwoofer enclosure up the many stairs, and into the house, but I finally managed it!! Whilst preparing for the task, I took some time to stretch out a bit, by hacking through some ice on our long driveway, and shoveling it off to the side. A few more days like today, which was nice, and we can have an ice-free driveway again!! Yahoo!!

Thanks, again, Dave, for the great enclosure and for setting up the tests and listening opportunity. And, thanks to you and Todd for a fun day!! Take care, Friends, and God Bless!

Every Good Wish,
Doc (who's 4645 ship has finally come in!!!)