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Thread: Question from Paul Eizik on S5800

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    Question from Paul Eizik on S5800

    Hi guys;
    Horn speaker afficianado and all around great guy Paul Eizik posted this as part of a post on another forum, without any insights offered. Perhaps some of you could share your thoughts, please.

    "Also on review was the JBL Project K2 S5800 which had also been previously discussed here. As a reminder it's a large floor stander with dual direct radiator woofers with a horn mid and tweeter in between the woofers @ 12,000 English Pounds (!). It got a "close but no cigar" "does some things very well, others not so" type of review in a similar way the Ferguson Hills came out. It does'nt look like the drivers are alligned in phase as the tweeter horn mouth is mounted even with the mid horn mouth, and the mid horn mouth is mounted close to the front baffle board. I have to wonder why anyone would use the D'Appolito type of arrangement with horns covering the mids and highs. The main point of using this arrangement is to broaden the horizontal dispersion of the mids and/or tweeter, but in this case the mid and tweeter horns will be doing this job. Well, I guess ya hafta put the mid/tweeter somwhere. I have'nt heard these speakers either, but I'll bet Rod Stewart has a pair.

    Anyone heard any of these speakers? Any comments?

    Paul "

    Thanks, gents.

    BTW, here is Pauls' amusing reply to me.........
    "Hi Mike
    I looked around over there but did'nt find anything, and they don't have a search engine. I think they can sense when an EV guy is surf'n there, the same way a Cadillac dealer can sense a Buick owner coming in. You JBL guys are sure organized! I mean taking up a collection! Why don't us EV guys ever think of stuff like that? ; ) BTW, have you checked the latest horn traffic on the joenet?"

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