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Thread: JBL problem

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    JBL problem

    I found a couple of JBL LE 12C's in a pair of generic speaker cabinets at a second hand store. They were pretty cheap as they didn't know what they were. I listened to them and they sounded good but when I went to take them out of the cabinets they wouldn't budge. I finally had to use a crowbar with tape on the end to pull them out. I turned out there was a rubber gasket between the speaker and the cabinet and it had fused them together. One came out OK but the other ended up with a torn surround as you can see in the photo. Can it be fixed? Has anyone ever run into this problem before? What should I do next time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbxluver View Post
    .......What should I do next time?
    Not use a crowbar?

    Not only did you rip the surround, but you risk tweaking the basket. I think I'd see what time and gravity would do.

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