Been browsing though the JBL library at the cinema loudspeakers and came across a broacher that mentioned the Cinedome 7-plex no I havenít been to I just remember seeing the lobby picture in different broacher that had a hand-size one that was coloured green. No I havenít the slight clue what happened to it but I understand that some of these promotion broachers are hard to come by. It showed a few more pictures are the cinema that was JBL exclusive at the time with the latest Dolby CP installed.

Iím still puzzled as to what happened to the other leaflets not sure if they might have gotten mixed up in another box and is at the school in the shed? Iíll have to my dad a callÖJust did and he tossed out a lot of stuff at the schools shed so if I did have the odd few more bags with some JBL stuff its gone now! [Sigh]